UUP Member Communications

Please find below all Emails sent out to our Potsdam UUP General Membership


sent 11282016 UUP Potsdam Lunch and Learn for 12/01/2016.pdf

11-09-2016 UUP Potsdam Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP).pdf

11/04/2016 UUP Potsdam Holiday Benefits.pdf

10/21/2016 UUP Potsdam Updates.pdf

10/13/2016 UUP Potsdam – Vote.pdf

10-03-2016 UUP Potsdam BJsWholesale Fall Offer.pdf

10-03-2016 UUP Potsdam- The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools.pdf

09-19-2016 UUP Potsdam Action Requested!.pdf

09-14-2016 UUPPotsdam Chapter Meeting.pdf

09-09-2016 UUP Potsdam Pofessionals Elections.pdf


08-09-2016 UUP Members Negotiations Update

07-26-2016 UUP Registration Professionals Day

05-25-2016 UUP Potsdam Office Summer Hours

05-13-2016 UPDATES and UUP Deficit Reduction Program Info

05-02-2016 UUP Potsdam Spring 2016 Newsletter

04-22-2016 UUP Member Updates

04-21-2016 2016 Commencement Veteran Regalia Cords for Veteran UUP Member Participants

04-21-2016 The Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Announcement

04-15-2016 UUP Chapter Meeting May 5th 2016

04-14-2016 UUP Members Chapter involvement

04-06-2016 UUP Member Updates

03-30-2016 UUP Urgent!Message from Statewide President Fred Kowal

03-25-2016 UUP Potsdam Updates

03-07-2016 UUP Members Update

03-03-2016 Student Walk-Out statewide on 03-04-2016 Message from Statewide President Fred Kowal

02-05-2016 Flex Spending_Chapter Meeting _ January Newsletter 2016

01-28-2016 UUP Potsdam Chapter Meeting _ January Newsletter 2016

12-14-2015 UUP Delegate Assembly Member Invite

 12-04-2015 UUP Contract Negotiations Survey




Negotiations Update Page 2


2015 Contract Neg. Meeting

Thank you everyone who took part in the Contract Negotiations Meeting.  It was a pleasure seeing everyone there.  Your participation is valued and appreciated!

Here is an update from Chapter President Laura Rhoads:

Contract Negotiations Update 09-11-2015 (Click Here)



Non .EDU email address request


The process of preparing for the next round of New York State/UUP contract negotiations (our present contract expires on July 1, 2016) is getting underway. In order for all UUP members to get crucial information as quickly as possible, we need to be able to reach you at a non-SUNY e-mail address (non-edu address). Please send your preferred non-edu e-mail address to the chapter office e-mail address:  potsdam@uupmail.org.  We would also find it extremely useful to have a cell number you would like to share with us. That will also enable us to keep you informed more effectively than in the past. Include that number in your e-mail to the chapter office. UUP will not share your e-mail or cell number as we will only use them to provide you with up to the minute information that cannot be distributed through the SUNY system.

Thank you for your help on this important matter.

(CLICK HERE) to update us with your non.edu email address


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