L.M. 4-9-15

John Cote’, Chapter President
United University Professions
44 Pierrpont Avenue
234 Mac Vicar Hall / SUNY Potsdam
Potsdam, NY 13676-2294

Kristin Esterberg, President
44 Pierrpont Avenue
Raymond Hall / SUNY Potsdam
Potsdam, NY 13676-2294

09 March, 2015

Dear President Esterberg,

This is to confirm the arrangements for the Labor Management Meeting
Date: Thursday March 26th 2015
Location: Raymond Hall, 7th floor boardroom
Time: 11:00am

Members of our chapter Executive Committee will be attending. We look forward to your input and attendance for this meeting.

We propose the following items for discussion:
1. Budget
• Members request an Update on the Budget

2. Gibson Gallery Task Force
• Members request an update on the progress of the task force

3. Request a schedule to meet regarding overreaching concerns.

4. Request a meeting schedule regarding the system of promotions for professionals.

5. Evaluation Performance Program Update

6. Editing Contract Articles
• Members are concerned that communications that include contract articles are sometimes edited before distributed.

7. Comp Time Agreements
• It has been brought to my attention that some members are preforming comp time without written approval or plan to use the comp time.

8. Discretionary Increase Award
• Members request copy of the awards distributed

9. On Call / Re Call
• Members request an update of titles that have been identified as on call/recall
• It has been brought to my attention that the term “On-Call” has been used to identify responsibilities in performance programs.

10. Tobacco Use Policy


John Cote’
Acting President Potsdam UUP


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