April 2015 Executive Committee Meeting



March 27th, 2015 12:00-1:00PM Mac Vicar Hall Room 104 (Lunch available)

1. Adoption of the Agenda
2. Approval of the Minutes of the December 5th, 2014 Executive Committee meeting

3. President’s Report

Report on the Labor-Management meeting March 26th at 11A.M.
1. Budget
2. Gibson Gallery Task Force
3. Request a schedule to meet regarding overreaching concerns.
4. Request a meeting schedule regarding the system of promotions for professionals.
5. Evaluation Performance Program Update
6. Editing Contract Articles
7. Comp Time Agreements
8. Discretionary Increase Award
9. On Call / Re Call
10. Tobacco Use Policy

4. Officer Reports
• Vice President for Professionals/Scholarship Chair
• Vice President for Academics
• Treasurer
• Publicity
• Secretary
• Membership
• Grievance
• Part-time Concerns
• Affirmative Action
5. Unfinished Business
• Office Furniture
• Area Rep. Meetings
• Workshop S.W.O.T. Analysis
• Chapter Meeting
• Newsletter
• Web Page traffic

6. New Business
• Reschedule April Labor Management and Executive Committee Meetings as they conflict with Spring Delegate dates.
• Spring Delegate Assembly April 17th-18th Saratoga Springs
• Recruiting Activists / Appoint Chapter Officers
• Chapter Assistant
• Chapter Meeting
• Summer Meeting for professionals

Due to scheduling conflict with the Spring Delegate Assembly Aprils Meetings have been rescheduled to:

Labor-Management Meetings Executive Committee Meetings
Raymond Hall 7th floor conference room Mac Vicar 104
Remove April 16th (Thu): 11AM Remove April 17th (Fri): 12:00 noon
New Date: Thursday April 23 at 11am New Date: Friday April 24th at 12noon


Executive Committee Agenda

John Cote Kathy Briggs Jan Trybula James Petercsak Marianne Herbert
David Kistler Kevin Hennessy Anjali Misra Robert Vadas Susan Jones

A motion to accept the meeting agenda was made and seconded.
The Labor Management meeting was discussed: The budget deficit stands at 3-5 million, with 3 million being if the college reduces staff and increases enrollment. The president has requested UUP involvement and is looking for creative ideas. She acknowledges that salaries are low, but states the college can’t address this issue for 3-5 years. She has committed to reviewing the issue then but first priority is “to keep the lights on”.
The college is restructuring areas as people leave. The first major restructuring is moving the international education and student success center, relocating these personnel to the library. The increase in compensation is for the increased responsibilities of the new position.
It was brought up that the negotiated salary increases are not being picked up by the Albany, but rather the college is responsible.
Chancellor Zimpher is pushing her directives onto college presidents; those who don’t get on board are being asked to leave.
Caution was advised when determining course capacity. If a course has a capacity of 20 students and is full (100% capacity) and the capacity is then revised to 30 students (i.e., for an online course), the capacity was just increased by 50% and the course looks to be at 2/3 capacity.
The 5 year plan is to increase enrollment by 400 – 100/year for the next 4 years.
In regards to the Provost position, the college would like to find an internal candidate to act as Interim Provost from the time Maggie steps down until next January (2016). If not, they will use a consulting firm to hire an outside Interim Provost until a permanent person is hired in 1/2016. (VP Academics) liked the idea of Maggie and Peter Brouwer returning to the faculty and UUP positions, as he thought that would give UUP insight into MC operations.
Review of Professional promotion process is continuing; John, Kathy, Mary, and Melissa. John stressed that individual depts. need to review their own policies to make sure they don’t conflict with the contract and by-laws.
John said the performance programs and evaluations are not up-to-date and this is a huge issue when it comes to evaluation performance. Also, the HR email re: reappointments are removing contract timelines and HR is supposed refrain from these subjective edits in the future.
Comp Time agreements must be in writing between the supervisor and the employee and there must a plan for use of the comp time; this must be mutually agreed upon.
Discretionary Salary data is to be provided to John by HR-Payroll, noting who received it and how much.
On-Call recall – per HR there are no such titles on campus, however certain performance programs specifically state the employee is on call.
Tobacco use – UUP is concerned that the campus policy (which hasn’t been communicated to the campus other than an email to all students) implies that employees are being asked to “enforce” the policy and report infractions. This is a supervisor responsibility. There are also issues that disciplinary action must be in accordance with the Contract and also that there is no actual legislation to date re: tobacco use on SUNY campuses and therefore there is no law to enforce. All legal enforcement actions should be handled by UP.
UUP Scholarships: Potsdam accounts for 64% of all UUP scholarships.
VP Academics: issues revolve mainly around salary inequities but also concerns about Saturday auditions, sabbatical funding. He questioned whether the unrestricted college campaign funds could be used for salary purposes since there is apparent discussion of using these funds to repay the state loan and why isn’t the campus asking for loan forgiveness?
Discussion re: sabbatical leave with no intent to return vs. Title F leave.
Discussion re: CLEAR, PACES
Discussion re: the campus does not pay for fringe benefits, this is covered by the state so any statements regarding the percentage of fringe are misleading
Discussion on the following
• Statewide meeting in Saratoga
• SWOT analysis
• John asked for feedback via non-Potsdam email accounts
• Discussion on whether to reschedule the 4/24 meeting due to presidential inauguration
Motion was made and vote was held for amended budget to be accepted and presented at the April 2nd Chapter Meeting. Vote passed unanimously approving it. Kevin states it needs to be to UUP Central by 4/2.


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