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POTSDAM UUP Chapter Meeting
April 2nd, 2015 5pm-6pm Thatcher Hall 2nd Floor (Dinner Buffett Served)
 Buffett will be served promptly at 5pm

1. Welcoming UUP Members by John Cote’ 5:00pm
2. Buffett Dinner 5:00pm
3. Vote on Chapter Budget 5:05pm
4. Introducing Statewide Officers by John Cote’ 5:15pm
5. President Kowal Report 5:15pm
6. Open the floor for questions
7. Introduce Jamie Dangler 5:40pm
8. V.P. of Academics Jamie Danglers Report 5:40pm
9. Open Floor for questions
10. Chapter President John Cote’s Report
11. Closing

Upcoming UUP Events:
 April 17th-18th – Spring Delegate Assembly(Saratoga Springs)
 May 1st – Scholarship Lunch and Chapter Meeting – Thatcher Hall 2nd Flr.



Posted on April 13, 2015


John Cote, Chapter President UUP
David Kistler, Secretary UUP
James Petercsak, VP of Academics
Kathy Briggs, LRS
Jennifer Hernandez, Chapter Assistant
Fred Kowal, Statewide President
Philippe Abraham, Statewide VP of Prof.
Eileen Landy, Statewide Secretary
Anjali Misra
Jan Trybula
Sue Jones
Kyle Fennell
Azad Islam
Linghong Li
Cynthia Morin
Karla Fennell
Lynn Hall
Marianne Herbert
Robert Vadas

Items for Discussion:

1. Asked that the Agenda be amended
• To replace VP Danglers with reports from Eileen Landy and Phillippe Abraham, due to VP Dangler could not be present.
2. Vote on Chapter Budget
• Vote passed unanimously
3. President Kowal Report
• Open the floor for questions
4. Eileen Landy
• Open the floor for questions
5. Philippe Abraham
• Open the floor for questions
6. Chapter President John Cote’s Closing Meeting


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