EX. COMM. NOTES 12-05-14

Executive Committee notes from 12-05-14
John Cote, Acting UUP Potsdam Chaper President David Kistler James Petercsak Jan Trybula Kevin Hennessy Marianne Hebert Kathy Briggs, LRS

Items of Discussion:
Minutes of 10-9 approved
1. President Cote’ reported on topics covered in 11-21-14 Labor Management meeting as follows:
• L.M. of 12-18: Cote’ asked if the meeting should be cancel due to it being test week and the attendance problem expected for 12-19 executive board meeting. Agreed to cancel
• System of promotions for professionals: No change in management position they have yet to schedule meetings as requested and agreed upon.
• Recognition of member’s contributions: Offered the suggestions of the executive board to management. They were in favor of recognizing the members service component of professional obligation in the campus newsletter(THE REPORTER)
• Reaccreditation events on Sundays : Offered no changes to the practice
• Documents requested under ART. 17: Will provide after redacting confidential information. If the reports were completed as agreed no information would need to be removed. Identifying members for nonrenewal is a violation of our agreement.
• Performance programs and evaluations: A number of information report requests have been made, asking information be sent to Cote’. Many of these have been left ignored or incomplete.
2. Vice President Report: Spoke about salaries and ways to compel administration to act on the inequities and inequalities at Potsdam. Asked that salaries of administrators be posted as well as D.S.A. payout

Meeting ended unofficially due to time. Leaving other reports and agenda items unaddressed


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