L.M. Notes 11-21-14

John Cote, Acting President UUP
Kathy Briggs, LRS
Margaret Madden, Provost SUNY Potsdam
Mary Dolan, HR SUNY Potsdam
Melisa Proulx HR SUNY Potsdam

Items for Discussion:
1) Announcements and Updates
• Madden: None
2) Use of release time funds for Chapter President
• Cote: How are the funds being used?
• Dolan: The union pays 40% and the college covers the rest
• Cote: That’s not what I am asking. The typical practice is to fill behind the person so they are clear to do the service
• Dolan: We are not required too
• Cote: How can the member do 100% of obligation and 40% union service?
• Dolan they aren’t required to
3) System of promotion for Professionals
• Cote: How many request for promotion or salary increase have been submitted this semester?
• Madden: None
• Cote: I ask because we have not met on the issue and there are time limits. Do you intend to keep the once a year plan presented by Hefner in place?
• Madden: Yes
4) Recognition of members
Cote: Suggestions for recognizing our members contributions included
Bringing back the load reduction plan and recognizing members service component of professional obligation in the REPORTER
5) Re accreditation events scheduled for Sundays
• Cote: Members ask why these events are scheduled to take place on Sundays.
• Madden: The schedule is in the control of the re accreditation representatives

6) Continue discussion on documents requested under article 17
• Dolan: Provided a print out of the recommendations of the president’s council
• Cote: That is not what was requested. We request copies of the reports submitted by dept. heads to the council
• Dolan: That will take a lot of redacting. I ask we move this to the next L.M.
• Cote: granted
7) System of Promotion for Lectures
• Dolan: Committee is in place and she is working on a meeting date.
8) Performance programs and evaluations
• Dolan: Will send list of outstanding evaluations to Cote in email.
• Cote: Expressed the concerns of not meeting the contract agreement
9) Deficit reduction leave payout
• Dolan: Completed

10)Task Force on Gibson Gallery
Cote: What is the purpose of the Task Force
Madden: To understand the role and responsibilities in maintaining the collection.


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