L.M. Notes 10-9-14

John Cote, Acting President UUP
David Kistler, Secretary UUP
Kathy Briggs, LRS
Margaret Madden, Provost SUNY Potsdam
Mary Dolan, HR SUNY Potsdam
Gerhard Voggel, Business Affairs SUNY Potsdam

Items for Discussion:
1) Announcements and Updates
• Madden: None
2) Lost Keys
• Dolan: There is a campus policy regarding a fee for lost keys. The fee has never been enforced or charged. The $50 charge is going to the President’s Council.
• Dolan/Madden/Voggel: rekeying could cost thousands of dollars. The intent is to change from keys to swipe cards with a fee to replace lost cards.
• Dolan: Keys are not the same as swipe cards.
3) Adjuncts restricted to part time service
• Dolan: Reason is the budget as a jump from 11 credit hours of work to 12 credit hours of work (i.e., full time) will cost the university $4,800 for each adjunct. Time is needed to pull together the number of adjuncts for additional information requested in letter of 10/3/14.
4) Academic salaries
• Madden: Due to budget problems no timeline has been developed.
5) Seamless transfer
• Madden: Department changes to comply or waivers are to be made by December 1.
• Online Potsdam courses are posted on Open SUNY.
• Faculty members “own” the course (owning is referred to as how the faculty delivery the course). Syllabus belongs to the university.

6) IDA, Drescher, and JLMC Professional Development Grant
• Dolan: IDA—the committee is ready to evaluate applications. Hoped for completion date is December 13.
• Dolan: Drescher—only one applicant.
• Dolan: JLMC (rising stars leadership development)—close to finalizing program.
7) System of Promotion for Lectures
• Dolan: Committee is in place and she is working on a meeting date.
8) Performance programs and evaluations
• Dolan: List of outstanding evaluations was provided.
• Cote: Expressed the concerns of not meeting the contract agreement
9) Authority in positions and committees
• Dolan: Agreed to meet with Briggs and Cote to discuss this issue.
10) Start up NY
• Dolan: A written overview was provided.
• Dolan: One application has been submitted.
11) Deficit Reduction Leave payout
• Dolan: No payments have been approved and sent because the State Controller has not authorized any funds for this.
12) Uncompensated Instruction
• Briggs: subject was travel course are registered in one semester but actually done in another semester.
• Madden: Not aware of this situation.
• Madden: Adjunct hiring has been reduced by 20 to 25% of the budget.
• Madden: Travel course will not be approved unless it is self- sustaining.
13) Zero Based Budget Documents/Article 17 Information Requests
• Dolan: Documents contained personal information
• Cote: Request was for positions only. How could prejudices be eliminated when names of members were included in reports?
• Dolan: Will find specific requests and examine them.
14) Sabbatical funding
• Dolan: Information posted on website.
• Dolan: Provided a list of current sabbatical requests.
• Madden: Not able to meet all requests. Feedback provided to those who are unfunded.
15) Bulletin Boards
• Dolan: Not aware of bulletin boards being unavailable for UUP posting.
16) Other
• Madden: President’s Council asked for ideas on the recognition of awards for employees.
• Dolan: Asked for ideas on how good things done by employees should be recognized.


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