Chapter Meeting Notes

Notes chapter meeting September 18 2014

Chapter president opened the meeting with a brief review of some of the goals for this year.

Those goals being:

  1. Top priority is chapter building starting with area representative structure

-The areas have been split into 10 sites each site will hold a meeting to recruit volunteers and educate members.

-There will be 5 site meetings per semester.

– A key element of chapter building is timely, open communication amongst the Chapter leaders so that issues can be assessed and addressed.

  1. The second goal is to complete the Joint Labor Management project of producing a guide for professionals.

– The project is now with the LRS for insertion of relevant contract articles and policy references

  1. The third goal is to complete the Joint Labor Management project of a system for promotion for lecturers.

– The committee has been formed and must now meet to begin developing a proposal

  1. The next goal is to improve communication via the Chapter website.

– Please share any campus events or concerns that you are aware of with John Cote.

  1. The meeting then moved to open discussion of new issues. Some new issues which were presented by attendees are:
  2. notice from Extended Education to long serving faculty that stipends will not be paid for those travel courses; suggestion that fees to students be increased to cover the former stipends
  3. salary level of Potsdam academics members request that salaries of administrators be sent to membership.
  4. It was also suggested that the chapter hold a meeting and invite the president and HR Director to discuss the issue
  5. new policy of no full time adjuncts

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