EX. COMM. NOTES 12-05-14

Executive Committee notes from 12-05-14
John Cote, Acting UUP Potsdam Chaper President David Kistler James Petercsak Jan Trybula Kevin Hennessy Marianne Hebert Kathy Briggs, LRS

Items of Discussion:
Minutes of 10-9 approved
1. President Cote’ reported on topics covered in 11-21-14 Labor Management meeting as follows:
• L.M. of 12-18: Cote’ asked if the meeting should be cancel due to it being test week and the attendance problem expected for 12-19 executive board meeting. Agreed to cancel
• System of promotions for professionals: No change in management position they have yet to schedule meetings as requested and agreed upon.
• Recognition of member’s contributions: Offered the suggestions of the executive board to management. They were in favor of recognizing the members service component of professional obligation in the campus newsletter(THE REPORTER)
• Reaccreditation events on Sundays : Offered no changes to the practice
• Documents requested under ART. 17: Will provide after redacting confidential information. If the reports were completed as agreed no information would need to be removed. Identifying members for nonrenewal is a violation of our agreement.
• Performance programs and evaluations: A number of information report requests have been made, asking information be sent to Cote’. Many of these have been left ignored or incomplete.
2. Vice President Report: Spoke about salaries and ways to compel administration to act on the inequities and inequalities at Potsdam. Asked that salaries of administrators be posted as well as D.S.A. payout

Meeting ended unofficially due to time. Leaving other reports and agenda items unaddressed

L.M. Notes 11-21-14

John Cote, Acting President UUP
Kathy Briggs, LRS
Margaret Madden, Provost SUNY Potsdam
Mary Dolan, HR SUNY Potsdam
Melisa Proulx HR SUNY Potsdam

Items for Discussion:
1) Announcements and Updates
• Madden: None
2) Use of release time funds for Chapter President
• Cote: How are the funds being used?
• Dolan: The union pays 40% and the college covers the rest
• Cote: That’s not what I am asking. The typical practice is to fill behind the person so they are clear to do the service
• Dolan: We are not required too
• Cote: How can the member do 100% of obligation and 40% union service?
• Dolan they aren’t required to
3) System of promotion for Professionals
• Cote: How many request for promotion or salary increase have been submitted this semester?
• Madden: None
• Cote: I ask because we have not met on the issue and there are time limits. Do you intend to keep the once a year plan presented by Hefner in place?
• Madden: Yes
4) Recognition of members
Cote: Suggestions for recognizing our members contributions included
Bringing back the load reduction plan and recognizing members service component of professional obligation in the REPORTER
5) Re accreditation events scheduled for Sundays
• Cote: Members ask why these events are scheduled to take place on Sundays.
• Madden: The schedule is in the control of the re accreditation representatives

6) Continue discussion on documents requested under article 17
• Dolan: Provided a print out of the recommendations of the president’s council
• Cote: That is not what was requested. We request copies of the reports submitted by dept. heads to the council
• Dolan: That will take a lot of redacting. I ask we move this to the next L.M.
• Cote: granted
7) System of Promotion for Lectures
• Dolan: Committee is in place and she is working on a meeting date.
8) Performance programs and evaluations
• Dolan: Will send list of outstanding evaluations to Cote in email.
• Cote: Expressed the concerns of not meeting the contract agreement
9) Deficit reduction leave payout
• Dolan: Completed

10)Task Force on Gibson Gallery
Cote: What is the purpose of the Task Force
Madden: To understand the role and responsibilities in maintaining the collection.



November 21, 2014
4:00 – 6:30

4:10 – 4:20 Introduction




Chapter Meeting

U.U.P. Potsdam Chapter

November 21 2014
Between The Buns Restaurant (upstairs meeting hall)
Entertainment by Carmelo Trio

John Cote’ EXT 2730

L.M. Notes 10-9-14

John Cote, Acting President UUP
David Kistler, Secretary UUP
Kathy Briggs, LRS
Margaret Madden, Provost SUNY Potsdam
Mary Dolan, HR SUNY Potsdam
Gerhard Voggel, Business Affairs SUNY Potsdam

Items for Discussion:
1) Announcements and Updates
• Madden: None
2) Lost Keys
• Dolan: There is a campus policy regarding a fee for lost keys. The fee has never been enforced or charged. The $50 charge is going to the President’s Council.
• Dolan/Madden/Voggel: rekeying could cost thousands of dollars. The intent is to change from keys to swipe cards with a fee to replace lost cards.
• Dolan: Keys are not the same as swipe cards.
3) Adjuncts restricted to part time service
• Dolan: Reason is the budget as a jump from 11 credit hours of work to 12 credit hours of work (i.e., full time) will cost the university $4,800 for each adjunct. Time is needed to pull together the number of adjuncts for additional information requested in letter of 10/3/14.
4) Academic salaries
• Madden: Due to budget problems no timeline has been developed.
5) Seamless transfer
• Madden: Department changes to comply or waivers are to be made by December 1.
• Online Potsdam courses are posted on Open SUNY.
• Faculty members “own” the course (owning is referred to as how the faculty delivery the course). Syllabus belongs to the university.

6) IDA, Drescher, and JLMC Professional Development Grant
• Dolan: IDA—the committee is ready to evaluate applications. Hoped for completion date is December 13.
• Dolan: Drescher—only one applicant.
• Dolan: JLMC (rising stars leadership development)—close to finalizing program.
7) System of Promotion for Lectures
• Dolan: Committee is in place and she is working on a meeting date.
8) Performance programs and evaluations
• Dolan: List of outstanding evaluations was provided.
• Cote: Expressed the concerns of not meeting the contract agreement
9) Authority in positions and committees
• Dolan: Agreed to meet with Briggs and Cote to discuss this issue.
10) Start up NY
• Dolan: A written overview was provided.
• Dolan: One application has been submitted.
11) Deficit Reduction Leave payout
• Dolan: No payments have been approved and sent because the State Controller has not authorized any funds for this.
12) Uncompensated Instruction
• Briggs: subject was travel course are registered in one semester but actually done in another semester.
• Madden: Not aware of this situation.
• Madden: Adjunct hiring has been reduced by 20 to 25% of the budget.
• Madden: Travel course will not be approved unless it is self- sustaining.
13) Zero Based Budget Documents/Article 17 Information Requests
• Dolan: Documents contained personal information
• Cote: Request was for positions only. How could prejudices be eliminated when names of members were included in reports?
• Dolan: Will find specific requests and examine them.
14) Sabbatical funding
• Dolan: Information posted on website.
• Dolan: Provided a list of current sabbatical requests.
• Madden: Not able to meet all requests. Feedback provided to those who are unfunded.
15) Bulletin Boards
• Dolan: Not aware of bulletin boards being unavailable for UUP posting.
16) Other
• Madden: President’s Council asked for ideas on the recognition of awards for employees.
• Dolan: Asked for ideas on how good things done by employees should be recognized.

L.M. Agenda 10-9-14

JOHN COTE’, Chapter President
United University Professions
234 MacVicar Hall/SUNY Potsdam
44 Pierrepont Avenue
Potsdam, NY 13676

Kristin Esterberg, President
Raymond Hall/SUNY Potsdam
44 Pierrepont Avenue
Potsdam, New York 13676-2294

03 October 2014

Dear President Esterberg:

This is to confirm the arrangements for the Labor-Management meeting of
Thursday, October 09, at 2:00 PM in the 7th floor boardroom in Raymond Hall. Members of our Chapter Executive Committee will be attending. We look forward to your input and attendance for this meeting.

We propose the following items for discussion:


1. Announcements and Updates

The Potsdam UUP Chapter would like to share general announcements with Management as they may impact the workforce.

2. Lost key fee

There is now a fifty dollar fee for lost keys. How was that amount arrived at?

3. Adjuncts Restricted to Part Time Service Request for Data and Information

When and why was this policy adopted? How many full-time(4 or more courses)adjuncts were appointed in each of the last six semesters, type of appointment, and assignment area data are requested.

4. Academic salaries

Academic members request a timeline for the development of a plan to address faculty salaries.

5. Seamless transfer

What is the current status of efforts by the college to meet Seamless Transfer and Open SUNY timelines? Who owns an online course and/or its content which is offered through Open SUNY via Potsdam?

6. I.D.A.and Drescher program; JLMC Professional Development Grant Status


7. Update on system of promotion for lectures

8. Performance programs and evaluations

Progress update and concerns; timeliness and its consequence to evaluation, promotion and salary increase requests; conformity of performance program to A-28 requirements

9. Authority in positions and committees

A dialogue is requested on over-reaching of authority in positions and/or committees including but not exclusively, information pertaining to terms and conditions of employment being given to members by someone other than HR who is the official designee for such matters. Such over-reaching has jeopardized contractual rights for members.

10. Start up N.Y.

Has a plan been developed? Are any businesses currently submitted for review or anticipated in the near future?

11.Deficit Reduction Leave Payout

Have the payments been approved and sent? Upon separation from service the DRL should be paid without delay

12.Uncompensated Instruction

The Chapter has been alerted that faculty members are being asked/encouraged/”demanded” to cover courses previously taught by adjuncts. The adjunct hiring is reported to have been significantly reduced if not eliminated entirely across campus.

Members must be compensated for the work they are employed to provide. Instruction is the basic work for faculty and thus must not be demanded, coerced, or “requested” to be performed for free to meet the operational needs of the College.

13. Information Requested Under Article 17

Documents requested have not been received. Explanation of the delayed response and delivery of the documents is requested.

14. Status of Sabbatical funding for the 2015-2016 academic year and application deadline; please provide a list of the current sabbaticals by name and including the department, length of leave and compensation for the leave.

15. Bulletin Boards
One bulletin board in each department as described in Article 13 of the contract should be available for U.U.P. to post notices. Does the college maintain a record of
the total bulletin boards available for posting U.U.P. notices and their locations?

Chapter Meeting Notes

Notes chapter meeting September 18 2014

Chapter president opened the meeting with a brief review of some of the goals for this year.

Those goals being:

  1. Top priority is chapter building starting with area representative structure

-The areas have been split into 10 sites each site will hold a meeting to recruit volunteers and educate members.

-There will be 5 site meetings per semester.

– A key element of chapter building is timely, open communication amongst the Chapter leaders so that issues can be assessed and addressed.

  1. The second goal is to complete the Joint Labor Management project of producing a guide for professionals.

– The project is now with the LRS for insertion of relevant contract articles and policy references

  1. The third goal is to complete the Joint Labor Management project of a system for promotion for lecturers.

– The committee has been formed and must now meet to begin developing a proposal

  1. The next goal is to improve communication via the Chapter website.

– Please share any campus events or concerns that you are aware of with John Cote.

  1. The meeting then moved to open discussion of new issues. Some new issues which were presented by attendees are:
  2. notice from Extended Education to long serving faculty that stipends will not be paid for those travel courses; suggestion that fees to students be increased to cover the former stipends
  3. salary level of Potsdam academics members request that salaries of administrators be sent to membership.
  4. It was also suggested that the chapter hold a meeting and invite the president and HR Director to discuss the issue
  5. new policy of no full time adjuncts

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